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The Non-Linear Nature of Learning

Posted at — Mar 19, 2012

Learning is a funny thing, rarely does our knowledge progress in a smooth, linear fashion.  I have been spending some of my copious free time learning Ruby and Rails and in that time I have experienced various moments of joy, frustration, utter confusion, and total clarity.  It got me to thinking about the way we learn.

Inspired by Jessica Hagy’s great work at Indexed I came up with this diagram.

I experienced a brief, fleeting moment of Ruby hubris (Rubris?) a few weeks back and implied I was starting to “get it”, even invoking the good name of Ralph Kramden.  Well the Rails gods rightfully smited  me for my lack of a deep understanding of Rail’s Active Record Associations.

For my penance, I have started to take a look at HacketyHack and hope to soon contribute some lessons or help out however I can.  If anyone knows of any other resources for teaching kids to code, I’d be interested in helping out.

Needless to say I’ll also be spending some time trying to grok Active Record Associations as well.

Still having a blast on this journey.

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